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District Institute of Education & Training, Machhrauli (Jhajjar)

1.Pre Service Teachers Education Wing (PSTE)

1.Morning assembly activities Prayer,Gayatri Mantra,News Reading,Speech,Poem and Songs on Indian Culture.

2. Quiz,Essay,Debate Competition of Houses in DIET.

3.Celebration of Labour Day.

4.Lecture on Moral Education by Resourece Persons.

5. Van Mahostav and Sports Week and School Internship Programme.

6. Mehandi Competition and Independence Day celebration.

7. Educational Tours and Blood Donation Camp organization.

8. Annual Cultural Programme and Convocation Programme celebration.

9. Physical Counseling and Guidelines to School and NFE/AE.

10. Health Camp and help in maintenance in ET,Science ,English Lab and Library.

2.Work Experience Wing (WE)

  1. Maintenance of Institution and Decoration of Bulletion Board,Painting and police of Furniture,Sanitation of toilets.

  2. Workshop of TLM with the help of Pupil Teachers.

  3. Gardening and Watering of Plants,Survey on implementation of Environment Education in all five educational blocks of district Jhajjar.

  4. Mehandi and Rangoli Competition.

  5. Painting, bamboo work,Knitting,Embrodery through needle will be done by Resource Person.

  6. Posters for Rallies prepared by PTs time to time.

  7. Community Survey of nearby slum area village to study health and nutrition condition.

3.District Resource Unit (DRU)

  1. Maintence of the record of AIE Center/NGO in Jhajjar district.

  2. To organize of Swachhatta / Sanitation Rally in the village Machhrauli.

  3. Lecture on World Hepatitis day.

  4. To Conduct Youth Parliament Competition of Jhajjar district as per direction of SCERT.

  5. To conduct Role Play and Folk Dance at Block and District level.

  6. Jan Shaksrta Abhiyan Rally will be organized in vilage Machhrauli.

  7. Rally on Save Girl Child , Beti Bachhao-Beti Padhao and Kanya Bhrun Hatya in Village Machhrauli.

  8. Monitoring of LEP and MTMS.

  9. To conduct NAS Survey in Jhajjar with the help of PTs.

4.Curriculum Material Development &Evaluation Wing (CMDE)

  1. To develop material for Primary and Upper - Primary classes.

  2. To develop material for NFE/AE.

  3. Authenticity of selected material of the District for Curriculum/Text Books.

  4. Teej Mela Celebration in DIET Jhajjar.

  5. Multipal choice Questionnaries on Festivals,Costume and Culture will be prepared by PTs.

  6. Annual Culural Programme and Convocation function celebration.

  7. A meeting with staff will be conducted for the use of Math and Science kit.

  8. Cultural activities will be organized on Republic Day,lohri and Maker Sakranti in DIET.

  9. A meeting will be conducted on guidlines of Summative learner evaluation.

5.Educational Technology Wing(ET)

  1. Maintenance and Repairment of all the audio-visual aids equipments of the institution.

  2. Maintenance of Computer lab and Edusat lab.

  3. To conduct and display workshop on  TLM/ICT.

  4. Checking of Schools of Edusat,Computer Lab and SAT.

  5. Support of IFIC in Teacher Training Programme.

  6. Action Research on MTMS.

  7. Demonstration of Science and MathKit/Science Promotion.

  8. Support to PSTE Wing in the activities on adopted schools.

  9. To organized ICT Programme for Primary Teachers of Jhajjar District.

6.In Service Programmes Filed Interaction and Innovation

   Co-ordination Wing (IFIC)

  1. In-Service training wing of DIET will maintain a Data Base of all persons who undergo training at this institution and to organize follow up activities pursuant to the said training hrough visits and transmission of printing material.

  2. IFIC Wingh will organize training programme of PRT,LEP and School Heads Training in order to train them in Action Research activities.

  3. IFIC Wing of DIET will organize needs base training programme time to time and remedial training, seminar for private education collge on new syllabus as mentioned by SCERT Gurugram.

  4. Orientation and training programme for newly appointed teachers time to time as directed by the Education Department Haryana.

7.Planning & Management Wing (P&M)

        1. Annual Work and Budget plan of all the wings will be prepared and sent to SCERT.
      2. Collection and maintenance of Database of District Jhajjar and planning for all training.
    3. Planning for meeting with BEO/BEEO,Mentors, BRPs and planning for actual tour programme and tentative tour programme.
     4. DRG of subject experts will be prepared.
     5. Planning for convocation programme with the help of PSTE.
    6. One day orientation programme of SMC.
    7. Celebrate Annual Cultural Festivals.
    8. Planning for Printing of Annual Magazine.