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District Institute of Education & Training, Machhrauli (Jhajjar)


Aim and Objectives of DIET



"The Aim of Education is the knowledge not of facts but of values”

To provide academic and resource support at the grass roots level for the success of the various strategies and programmes being undertaken in the areas of elementary and adult education, with special reference to the following objectives:-


  • To give support to schools and teachers for improving the quality of primary education.

  • To provide enough extension services to social welfare department, SSA and local self government and ensure convergence among these departments.

  • To provide support and training to literacy mission that extends primary and secondary education facilities to neo literates.

  • To work as a resource centre which provide academic help to IT mission, High School and Higher Secondary section.

  • To provide opportunities to conduct research works and studies in education field.

  • To conduct effective training in pre service and in service training, including the latest developments in the teaching learning process.

  • To renew the education field by using the latest developments in technology.

  • To enable the teachers to aware and develop new techniques and strategies in education.

  • To prepare enough materials to ensure the smooth execution of the above tasks successfully.

  • To impart training for the Head masters to take up academic and administrative leadership of their institutions.

  • To prepare and update educational database of the District.

  • To undertake projects like “Total School Development Programme” with community participation.

  • To organize Seminars, debates etc on different areas related to school education such as integrated education for the Disabled, National Curriculum Frame work, research seminars etc.

  • To publish Annual Research Journals, newsletters and other curriculum based materials (Teacher support materials).

  • To ensure qualitative change in schools in the district with community participation and also to ensure sustainability of quality in school .